•     GM LS6 V8: Aluminum fuel injected 350 ci, 5.7 liter 400 bhp
•     GM LS3 V8: Aluminum fuel injected 385 ci, 6.3 liter 550 bhp
•     GM LS7 V8: Aluminum fuel injected 427 ci, 7.0 liter 630 bhp
•     GM ZZ4: carbureted 350 ci, 5.7 liter 375 bhp

The power to push the elegant LC470 to its maximum is very much the driver's preference.

The LC470 can take a range of GM engines and we are happy to discuss the options in detail with prospective customers.

As an example, fitted with the 400hp LS6 and running a 2.87 1st gear through a 3.07 final drive, the LC470 reaches 60 mph in 3.4 secs without the need to shift. And turns in a top speed of 190 mph!

Fitted with a 600hp Chevrolet Small Block motor and a 3.07 ratio final drive, the LC470 pulls a standing ΒΌ mile in 9.1 secs and 149 mph across the line.

For a little extra, the LC470 can be fitted with an 800hp race-ready power train.

If you are interested in winning races, call us to find out how.


•     Better tuning, performance, and emissions
•     Reduced engine noise
•     Improved airflow dynamics

An air intake draws the coldest air available from in front of the radiator and delivers the flow direct into the fuel injection air filters.