•     Light yet stiff
•     Powder coated .120 HREW 4” round steel tube
•     Mid-engine balance with 53% of the weight on the rear tires
•     Low center of gravity
•     All holes are punched for tight tolerances

The heart of the LC470 is its super-stiff chassis and superb weight distribution. Attention to every detail of steering geometry, transmission and gear ratios produces a car able to handle a great deal of horsepower in straight lines, in tight corners, around tracks or along rough pavement.

Driver, passenger and engine sit IN the LC470 chassis rather than ON it,lowering the car’s center of gravity and permitting very high cornering g-force to be sustained at high speed. 4” tubular main members protect from side impact.

Ground clearance is 5”, enough to avoid curbs, train tracks, and speed bumps.
A steel plate floor is welded to the chassis & a tough, smooth undertray sheathes the entire bottom of the car reducing drag.

Although the LC470 is a traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive car, a triangulated front chassis section allows room for the longer, lower suspension control arms usually found in mid-engine cars. Careful attention to chassis design and construction ensures that front/rear weight distribution is also that of a mid-engined vehicle. Weight over the rear tires greatly improves traction & with correct shock absorber adjustment even more weight is transferred to the rear tires when accelerating.

Every part is positioned on the car with an eye towards maintaining the car’s balance and weight distribution.
The engine and transmission are offset 1.25” to the passenger side, because when balance really matters, the driver is alone in the car.
Even the battery, though light, still does its part by sitting in the trunk, off-set to the right to balance part of the driver’s weight.

As a result, the LC470 pulls an incredible 1.3 lateral G’s through corners.